I’m on a bus from London to Edinburgh and the girl sitting next to me got off when I went to the toilet. When I came back the guy who was sitting in front of her had moved into her seat?? Like he had a seat that was exactly the same and he moved into her one for no apparent reason.

The guy who’s in front of me had his bag on the seat until that guy was sitting there and now it’s back so I’m thinking maybe he asked the other guy to move. Either way I hate both of them. The guy next to me is now also taking up all of his seat and half of mine. 

Daniel perfects the art of selfie.

Daniel perfects the art of selfie.

People voluntarily running a marathon.

People voluntarily running a marathon.






What the majority of feminists probably don’t understand is that when men have children, those men become the patriarch of their family. How would females/mothers feel if there was a Masculist movement that blamed Matriarchy for all of the oppression in the world?

what is this even supposed to mean

If feminism is so “gooder”, then how does bacon cattle shrimp stew race goats across the pacific ocean? sorry, too LOGICAL for you???

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aw no my little brother is totally having a shower with his girlfriend in the next room. 

i’m babysitting tomorrow and friday and i’m so excited. my dad was in sainsburys and they were giving out world cup sticker albums and he picked one up in case the older boy would like it. didn’t think he was interested in football but i text his mum and she said he’d been looking at them every time they’d been in a shop and that he’d love it. me and my little brother were pretty seriously committed to a joint sticker album for the 2002 world cup so i’m really forward to doing that with him.

i’m also kind of nervous though cause i haven’t babysat in so long that there is now an almost 2 year old who i’ll be looking after too. the older brother was 3 when i started so this is the youngest kid i’ve ever looked after eep. 


"i wish platonic dates were a thing" have you never gone out anywhere with any of your friends ever

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Every time a news site runs one of those “Which female star wore the dress better?” articles, I think they should be required to run another story entitled “148 Men Wear the Same Tuxedo, But Who Wore It Best?”

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